October 22, 2018

What is Distance Education

Distance Education around the World

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Link to Free Personality TestWhat is Distance Education and Why Students Should Consider Enrolling Under a Distance Education Program

Distance education, also known as distance learning, is a field of education using educational strategies that take advantage of technology to deliver lessons to students without ever requiring them to be in a traditional educational setting such as a classroom. Although deemed nontraditional by some, Online Education is fast becoming extremely popular with more and more students enrolling in distance education programs each year. Many schools and educational institutions are now being put up with a focus on distance education and even many popular and well-respected educational institutions around the world now introduce Distance Education Programs in many of the educational courses they offer.

What is Distance Education and How is it Done?

What makes distance online education very effective today is the evolution of technology which now allows the delivery of information and instruction through print media or through electronic means such as voice or data. Students can have physical educational materials delivered to their homes or digital files sent to them using the internet. Some methods of distributing lessons include printed instructions, interactive audio or video conferencing, emails, recorded tapes or files, as well as fax. It is a very convenient way for busy people Continuing Education despite their busy lives and tight schedules.

What is Distance Education and its Four Key Elements?

There are four key elements that make up the essence of distance education and many institutions offering these programs have these cornerstones to make sure their programs produce the best students. These elements include proper instructor preparation and training, the use of selected technologies, management of educational programs, and the programs being offered.

Want help deciding on your career? Check out this FREE Career Personality Test

What is Distance Education and How Popular is it Today?

Distance education is now a very attractive educational model for students and it shows in the number of new distance education students every year. A study conducted by the United States Department of Education revealed that the percentage of undergraduates who enrolled in at least a single distance education program rose to 20 percent from 8 percent in the time range between 2000 and 2008.

What is Distance Education and What Makes it Appealing?

Distance education is a very appealing educational program for people who do not have the luxury of time. In general, the majority of students wishing to Access Distance Learning are those who are busy juggling other priorities in addition to their education. Many of these people are either those in employment, running a business, raising a family, or any other factors that keep them from enrolling in a traditional educational program.

What is Distance Education and What are the Programs Offered?

There is a wide range of programs offered by distance education institutions around the world. The distance learning education classes offered by these institutions cover almost all types of college degrees or preparatory educational programs. These are also credited by other institutions and even by employers who look for well-trained employees.

What is Distance Education and What is the Common Misconception About it?

It is a common misconception to think that Online Distance Education is not as effective as traditional learning. Many teachers think that students do not get to learn as much as they would with traditional physical face-to-face instruction and training. However, recent studies have shown that there is no difference in the effectiveness of traditional education methods and distance learning education as long as the technologies are effective, the students are interactive, and when there is regular teacher and student feedback.

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