November 20, 2018

Learning Strategies

Do you know what your learning style is? The truth is your learning strategy is very important. Why? Because the way in which online education is delivered requires the student to work alone and possess a high level of self motivation and determination .

The student who is using Distance Education for learning is in a unique situation. Before such a method was possible, a student was either in a classroom setting, a small group, or in a one-to-one tutorial setting. With the advent of computers and the Internet, online learning students generally study alone. A distance learner needs to have the proper learning strategies to be successful in this situation.

Some learning strategies include the same methods as a person attending a physical class would have used for self directed studies. For the online student they become an invaluable aid when the student becomes isolated, as with distance learning, from their classmates and teachers.

Listed below are some of the best learning strategies for distance education students.

Time Management

The student who is learning in isolation is responsible for managing his or her own time. It is important to learn to schedule study time in addition to the time spent in active distance learning sessions. Defining a specific time for study by creating a daily ritual or a weekly pattern of some kind is vitally important and predictive of student success. Managing personal time is a skill that has to be practiced, but planned time for study is essential.

Study Environment Management

Another strategy the distance learner has to employ is management of the study environment. Studying needs to happen in a place that is conducive to learning – quiet, free from distractions like TV and cellphones, comfortable and well-organized, with a defined purpose that allows it to become a special place for learning.

Effort Management

Successful distance learners need to be able to be aware of his or her mood and how it affects studying, to be able to talk to one’s self for encouragement and to stay focused, to be persistent under varying emotional or physical conditions, and to learn self-reinforcement. More importantly, the student should know how to self-motivate for learning. Accepting responsibility for learning means that the student can motivate him or herself to apply effort to the process.


A support system is vital to the success of the distance learner and an important strategy. An isolated student has to assess when it is necessary to consult other students or the teacher, clearly. But other support is important – family and friends need to know when interruptions are either welcome or  irksome, but should always be relied upon for encouragement and taking an active interest in the progress and success of the Students Career Pathway.


Another strategy for the distance learner to use is called rehearsal. This a well-known series of tactics in which the student repeats material aloud, copies written material, employs selective note-taking, memorizes, mentally rehearses, and uses underlining and highlighting in texts.


This is a strategy in which the distance learner connects previous knowledge with what is currently being learned. To accomplish this, the student should paraphrase and summarize materials, create analogies and answer self-generated questions. In a classroom, this would be a function of a live instructor, but the solo student has to accomplish it on his or her own.

Planning and Organization

The distance learning student has to learn to set goals for studying and learning, skim texts and other materials, generate questions for self-study, select main ideas from a body of text, and outline and diagram information being learned. This strategy is vital to successful learning in an isolated setting.

These are all tools that a student may utilize for any kind of educational learning process and is just one of the many Benefits of Online Education. In the end though a distance education student is responsible for his or her own learning and must take the initiative at all times in using these and other tactics. Of course, learning strategies are only helpful or useful if taken seriously and practiced by the online student. Once the student takes charge of the learning process, success will follow.