October 16, 2018

Free Online Education

There is a growing movement amongst education providers to break away from  traditional forms of teaching and provide a range of FREE Distance Education Programs for students based anywhere in the world.

Now although there are some dubious operators out there offering so-called ‘Free Education’, generally these programs are totally worthless and a waste of your time and energy. What does make you sit up and take notice is when prominent professors from respected universities start providing training and access to Free Online Education courses.

One such free program is called UDACITY. The concept of Udacity is quite simple, to provide a range of high quality programs available to anyone, anywhere and taught by a team of highly skilled professors and software engineers.

Udacity was founded by three prominent roboticists, Sebastian Thrun, a Google fellow and former Stanford research professor, David Stavens, a research and instruction assistant at Stanford University and Co-Founder of Stanford Racing Team and Mike Sokolsky, a robotics research engineer at Stanford University and research associate at the University of Alberta.

The courses available include Building a Search Engine, Design of Computer Programs, Web Application Engineering, Programming Languages, Programming a Robotic Car and Applied Cryptography.

Although there are no restrictions to enrollment, students would benefit from having an understanding of higher level math, like linear algebra, probability theory and computer programming. As a sign of Udacity’s growing popularity there were over 160,000 students from more than 190 countries enrolled in their first class, “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence”.

UDACITY today is changing the world by providing a level of Distance Education to students and places that would otherwise be unable to benefit from this mode of learning.

Another great program is offered by COURSERA, world class education is provided through Free access to programs offered by some of the top universities including Princeton, Michigan and Penn University. Coursera offers high quality courses in a wide range of disciplines available to students all around the world.

The KHAN ACADEMY, although not a free university program, is definitely worthy of a mention because of it’s content. Containing over 3,200 micro lectures via video tutorials, this site has developed a massive following with now over 4 million pupils every month.If you haven’t yet discovered this fantastic resource then don’t wait any longer, you’ll be amazed at the diversity of information and the quality of the tutorials.

Founded in 2006 by Salman Khan, a gradute of MIT and the Harvard Business School, Sal Khan is the voice and brains behind the Khan Academy. With degrees in mathematics, electrical engineering and computer science, Sal has gradually morphed into a math, history and science teacher. Sal began by offering tutoring to a few friends and family but now The Khan Academy has grown from it’s humble beginnings to now providing free tutoring to more than four million students every month.

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization funded by donations from the likes of the Gates Foundation, Google and many others.

Lesson tutorials are provided in multiple languages with subjects including Math, Science, Finance and Economics, Humanities and Test Prep. You can access the tutorials through the Khan Academy’s YouTube channel or through their own website, KHAN ACADEMY , which also features extras such as progress tracking and practice exercises.

The Khan Academy is on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace. So what are you waiting for?

There are a number of other Free Online Education providers worth looking at including the PEER 2 PEER UNIVERSITY, COURSERA, UNIVERSITY OF THE PEOPLE, OPEN CULTURE, EDX (First Courses by Fall 2012), ALISON, LEARNING SPACE – THE OPEN UNIVERSITY and MIT OPEN COURSEWARE

There are of course other forms of online learning, some of which charge nearly as much as traditional college fees, but there is an alternative. Although not free, there are courses available that are provided at a fraction of the cost of traditional education. The FLOATING UNIVERSITY is one of these providers.

Founded in 2011, The Floating University is a collaboration between The Jack Parker Corporation and Big Think, a global knowledge forum built upon the belief that success today and in the future is about knowing the ideas that allow you to manage and master this universe of information.

The inaugural course of the Floating University is called ‘Great Big Ideas’, and provides the key takeaways of an entire undergraduate education. Delivered through 12 lessons subjects include Psychology, Economics, Biomedical Research, Linguistics, History, Political Philosophy, Globalization, Investing and more. Each lecture is presented by top experts from some of the worlds top education institutions.

The Floating University also provides access to single eSeminar tutorials in your chosen subject or from one of the academic professors. Single lessons start from as little as $39.99

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Online Degree Program Rankings – USA

As Distance Education and online qualifications become acknowledged in the workplace, starting early 2012 the U.S. News & World Report launched it’s inaugural ranking of the leading online education courses.

As online education increases in popularity and enrollments continue to rise, future students—a high percentage being mature and working full-time—have always struggled to locate reliable information or any guide to the best and worst colleges for Distance Education.

U.S. News have now started to provide the kind of information that makes choosing a course and college a much simpler process.

Compiling their Top Online Program Ranking Guide, U.S. News discovered that among the top performing online programs there were many similarities when compared to most of the top performing traditional campus based institutions. Comparisons show a definite link between the number of academic staff employed, the level of program accreditation and the success rate of the program.  For the student, enrolling in an Distance Education Program that has been built around the success of traditional programs should ensure the student receives engaging coursework, tutorials compiled by academic staff, remote access and student support services similar to those found in campus based environments.

Being a new report and the first time information of this kind has been made available to the public, it is clear that although these results provide comprehensive data for online education degree programs, over time the information provided through the U.S. News ranking report will become more sophisticated as online institutions provide better and more detailed data that can be used to determine the programs academic quality and provide a more accurate ranking report to it’s readers.

There is no doubt that in a short time the U.S. News online education ranking guide will become the ‘Go To Tool’ for anyone looking for a Career Pathway or to enroll in an online education program.

U.S. News have ranked five disciplines at masters and bachelor’s degree level combining data provided from all undergraduate level disciplines. There are four indicator rankings within the graduate degree programs and three within the undergraduate  programs. These rankings are all at the program degree level.

Below are listed the top 23 online degree program indicator rankings that will be published:

1. Student Engagement and Assessment – Online Bachelor’s

2. Student Services and Technology – Online Bachelor’s

3. Faculty Credentials and Training – Online Bachelor’s

4. Student Engagement and Accreditation – Online Business

5. Student Services and Technology – Online Business

6. Faculty Credentials and Training – Online Business

7. Admissions Selectivity – Online Business

8. Student Engagement and Accreditation -Online Nursing

9. Student Services and Technology – Online Nursing

10. Faculty Credentials and Training – Online Nursing

11. Admissions Selectivity – Online Nursing

12. Student Engagement and Accreditation – Online Education

13. Student Services and Technology – Online Education

14. Faculty Credentials and Training – Online Education

15. Admissions Selectivity – Online Education

16. Student Engagement and Accreditation – Online Engineering

17. Student Services and Technology – Online Engineering

18. Faculty Credentials and Training – Online Engineering

19. Admissions Selectivity – Online Engineering

20. Student Engagement and Accreditation – Online IT

21. Student Services and Technology – Online IT

22. Faculty Credentials and Training – Online IT

23. Admissions Selectivity – Online IT

In this inaugural year of rankings it was decided that there would not be a numeric classification for overall program excellence, but instead U.S. News devised a non-numerical method of producing rankings using statistical data from each online program. Each category; Bachelors, Business, Education, Engineering, Computer Information Technology and Nursing will show the Benefits of Online Education and include a list of the best performing programs based on a series of numeric indicators gathered directly from each program.

To see the full report, go to: www.usnews.com/education/online-education

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Pharmacy Technician Training Programs

Did you know that pharmacy technician training is not a compulsory prerequisite to becoming pharmacy technicians. Most students get all of their training while working in pharmacies or in hospitals. Although the training is not a requirement, you will find lots of training programs provided by hospitals, universities and through the military. These programs cover a range of materials and subjects relating to the pharmacy field.

Helping licensed pharmacists with their tasks is the major duty of the pharmacy technician, the typical responsibilities include taking the prescriptions of patients, counting the capsules or tablets required in prescriptions and labeling them with the correct info. The pharmacy technician training program will prepare the pharmacy technicians to complete their tasks in a correct and effective way. Most of these training programs include areas of study such as record keeping, calculations and pharmaceutical terminology.

Areas of Study

    • Poison/Drug Emergencies
    • Prescription and label information
    • Physiology/anatomy
    • Medical/terminology
    • Pharmaceutical Calculations & Measurements

These Distance Education Programs may also include an internship program, which provide firsthand understanding and experience to the pharmacy technicians regarding their duties. After the internships students will be generally confident in their ability to provide the correct doses and understand the names, effects and actions of the prescribed medications. Once the online pharmacy technicians training program is complete, pharmacy technicians will obtain a certificate, diploma or degree, depending on the course level.

In many cases certification isn’t necessary, but it’ll be important for employment opportunities as many employers give high priority to certified pharmacy technicians. To obtain certification, pharmacy technicians have to pass the examination offered by the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians, or the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. It will be simpler for those pharmacy technicians to pass the exams successfully who have achieved  the pharmacy technician training programs. The certification must be renewed every two years and pharmacy technicians must engage themselves in continuing education to complete them successfully if they want to maintain their Career Pathway.

The completion of training programs and certification will increase the job opportunities of pharmacy technicians. This may also help them achieve higher positions in larger pharmacies. Taking a pharmacy technician training course  is not a prerequisite but it can be exceedingly beneficial for those that have made a decision to become a pharmacy technician. With this training, pharmacy technicians will be in a position to enjoy benefits like higher income, increased job opportunities and promotions.

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Online Pharmacy Tech Coaching can be best for those that wish to have a career in the pharmacy field. If you are also in this list, then get your training from the best Pharmacy Engineer Faculties.

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Online Medical Helper Programs Offer Possibilities For Great Medical Careers

College fees are getting more and more expensive each day and through online health courses you can not only cut the price of commuting but take advantage of the other benefits as well. That said, many still have doubts about the validity of distance education programs, is it really possible to study medical assistant programs online, graduate and then find employment? Does distance education provide an effective and economical alternative to traditional studies?

It is not uncommon today to find most of the traditional colleges and universities providing online courses to their students. Traditional faculties may have the benefit of social interaction but they can also suffer from jammed campuses and classrooms, this can make an especially stressing environment for learning.

Online medical helper programs are counseled in many schools and show up in your logs as standard classes. Through the benefits of online education you will be able study your course work more effectively with assistance from an expert professor. Online medical assistant classes will have examinations and tests throughout the course and you will generally get your results after each exam. Apart from that, you will be given videos and tutorials hooked up to your web medical login account from where you can replay and review the content at a time and place of your choosing.

Before you rush off and sign up with the first medical aid college that you come across on the net, there are a few things you have to consider first.

What is the reliability of the online medical assistant program? There are numerous scams out there and a unwary but willing student will be easily tempted. You’ve got to ensure that the course program offered by the college is  commissioned. You can contact the office of the Higher Learning Commission or other agencies that offer accreditation’s for medical faculties and ask if the college is on their list. This is highly important as no matter how high your grades are if the medical assistant course that you have attended is unaccredited then your qualification won’t be seen as valid. When you consider the time, effort and cost of achieving your qualification you will not want to end up with a worthless certificate. Always spend as much time as possible checking a school’s credibility.

Once you’ve completed the course you will have a choice of career pathways. There are some places of work that are searching for graduates of certain online medical assistant programs. You can use the internet or medical journals to search for employment opportunities within the medical field.

Apart from everything else there is one more thing you need, and that is  the will to succeed. Becoming a medical assistant will require reserves of commitment and the resolution to complete the course. Without those characteristics   , you will find you have less chance of success in today’s competitive world.

Online medical assistant programs offer you the knowledge to put your learning into practice, it’s down to you to use this information as a stepping stone to further your employment, career and earning capacity. Online medical programs are one of the best methods to attain your qualification and achieve success as a medical assistant.

Have you ever considered online study At online education courses? Discover the possibilities it brings. Online Medical Helper Programs. Open the door to several different fields of specialization.

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The Ideal Way To Get Your Instructional Design Masters

The most important point to bear in mind when choosing your instructional design masters is that you simply will have to find the best quality learning center to provide you with the proper environment to study. With regards to deciding which learning Center to use to enable you to easily get your instructional design masters, there are several points that you should remember.

To begin with, the learning center where you hope to achieve your instructional design degree should certainly offer you a practical method of learning, and more importantly, the type of instructional design training that you’ll receive has to be clear and concise. So, spend some time to check out the college’s reputation beforehand, you can do this by adding ‘review’ after the colleges name into Google. Although it won’t guarantee you get a true description of the college it should at least provide a clearer indication of their reputation. You should then be able to feel more at ease with the knowledge gained through your research.

When we discuss the right type of learning atmosphere, it is the one that lets you easily concentrate your whole mind on learning for your instructional design degree. A good way to manage this step is as simple as going to a web-based university, because they will offer the best kind of instructional design training. The manner in which they permit you to obtain instructional design degrees is simply by providing you a chance to sign into your own personal online account, and then so that you can see all of your program material without any issues.

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Each lecture is likewise demonstrated live through video, and you will have the capacity to replay these videos in case you would like to recap or view them at a more convenient time. Research is also crucial to ensuring that you receive the correct amount of information to obtain your degree, and the way in which a top quality Distance Education Program is able to help you is as simple as supplying you with a full library in your account. This makes exploring painless, because you will manage to find all of the data with just several clicks of your mouse button.

An online college can definitely provide you with many Career Pathways and individual benefits with regards to learning for your degree. Nevertheless, it is crucial that you simply do a lot of study before choosing one of these educational institutions, since this will make sure that you simply do have the best learning environment from which to learn.

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Have You Thought About Attending A University Online?

If you don’t have enough time on your hands and feel that you need a handy method to get a degree, then you should think about going to a university online. Nevertheless, to ensure that you do obtain the very best results from your university online experience when it comes to selecting one of the numerous online degree programs, first take a moment to check out the university in advance. In the end, you need to know that whenever you do get yourself a degree online, you can be sure that the online college or university is providing you with a degree that has the same status just like any other type of popular university.

Thus, initially get a good concept of the length of time the online university has been established for, and find out the quality of their online degree programs. While you’re achieving this, also take a look at whether they have the distinct degree online that you’re searching for. All things considered, you’ll want to feel fully satisfied that the online college or university that you’ll be attending is going to offer you a great setting in which to learn.

What genuinely makes a good online university stand above the crowd will be the method in which you’ll get your course material, in addition to the kind of material that you get on a daily basis. In the end, your online account needs to be easy to use, and there should be little interruptions, as you will be required to put a lot of hours to complete your degree.

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A great online university is likewise able to supply you with the methods of participating in live lectures by video, or perhaps by being in a position to download those videos so that you can view them all on your own time. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to hand in assignments, speak to your lecturers if necessary, and to easily mix along with other students, as all this is essential to get the very best learning experience.

Going to an online university is surely a handy way to learn for a degree and there are many Benefits to Online Education. You do not have to go out of the comfort of your home, and you also have the ease of going through classes, even if you never attended them whenever they were live. This in turn signifies that your skill to learn a particular subject inside your program becomes easier. The sole challenge that you’ll face is being able to be regularly disciplined. However, you will find that whether you go to an online or even regular brick-and-mortar university, this challenge will stay the same. Hence, by being focused and dedicated to the task in front of you, you’re going to get the most from your Distance Education Programs.

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Best Careers for the Next 10 Years.

If you’re wondering what Career Pathway would give you the best opportunities for employment and advancement in the next 10 years then reviewing the Best Career’s List should give you a better understanding of the careers to aim for.

School, college or university these all have a major effect on the outcome of your working life. Your education will determine where it’s going to go, where you spend most of your time and how much money you will have.

>>>> Got 10 Minutes… Discover Your Perfect Career <<<<<

Before deciding what career you wish to choose, it’s important that you consider all the variables that may affect the learning process. It is important that you like what you choose or at least have an interest in the subject. One of the educative judgements you simply must make is whether you would like to attend actual classes in a College or university, or study in your own time and at your own pace with Distance Education Courses.

Careers and professions can differ increasingly from your standard 9-to-5 job. The basic minimum wage jobs won’t give you the experience or reward that you need in order to advance professionally. However, as a career evolves your learning and skill levels grow, what’s more, as you become more proficient in your position you’ll find your income level improves.

By studying and researching this career list you’ll discover the projected career growth potential of your chosen Distant Education Program and eliminate the mistakes that many students make. One thing to remember is that no job is forever, if you look back through history it’s littered with periods of prosperity, recessions and financial turmoil. There is no doubt that being educated provides more opportunities than those that are unskilled, although in tough times it may be necessary to take survival jobs to retain some level of employment.

If we look to the future then one thing we know for sure is that the healthcare industry is one the best careers for the next 10 years and above. As medical advancements improve through technology and genetics the population will live longer. As we see baby boomers getting older and requiring on-going medical care, with more babies surviving due to healthcare technology breakthroughs there will be continued high demand for qualified medical staff.

We can also see how the world has grown more aware of the health problems facing it, careers in health management, nutrition and personal trainers are escalating in demand. The Benefits of Online Education will increase as the population becomes more health conscious, disease prevention and prolonged life become important and to manage these issues jobs within the healthcare system will continue to be on the rise.

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Sections From the Best Careers for the Next 10 Years List

Medicine and health – (1). Medical Assistant (2). Lab Technician (3). Nurse Practitioner (4). Anesthesiologist (5). Gynecologist (6). Psychiatrists (7). Nurse Anesthetist (8) Eye doctor (9). Physiotherapist (10). Occupational Therapist

Business – (1). Public Accountant (2). Financial Adviser (3). Fiscal Analyst (4). Sales Director (5). Attorneys (6). IT Business Analyst (7). Meeting Sponsor (8). Public Relations Specialist

Industry – (1). Systems Engineer (2). Technology Project Manager (3). Geoscientist (4). Computer Security or Network Consultant (5). Technical Software Developer (6). Technical Writer

Creative/Service Plan Work Opportunities – (1). Curator (2). Multi-media Artist (3). Technical Novelist (4). Industrial Pilot (5). Linquist

Education – (1). University Professor (2). Education Supervisor

Societal Service – (1). Firefighter (2). Arbitrator (3). Medical & Public Health Social Worker (4). Veterinarian (5). Relationship Therapist

Distance Education:

It is a fact that increasing numbers of people are choosing to advance their educations by learning online. As a result of peoples busy lives and schedules, they don’t really have the time to go to a college and study full time. As a way to accommodate the demands for home study numerous online colleges have been developed to provide the education they need.

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Are You Searching For An Easy Method To Acquire A Social Science Degree?

Among the finest methods for getting your social science degree when convenience is at the top of the goal list is as simple as going to a reliable university on the web. The truth is, the kind of standard you will get from some of the Distance Programs that you can get through accredited online schools, like a social science degree, is simply just as good as any other offline college, which includes psychology schools and other well-known universities. For that reason, even if you get a behavioral science degree, bachelor of social science program, or some other sort of degree, the best and most convenient method to do this is through a Distance Education Program.

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On the other hand, to make sure that you do get a similar standard learning setting that you could through well-known psychology schools as well as other schools, it is very important that you choose and find a reputable online school that provides programs that will aid you in getting a behavioral science degree or bachelor of social program. Hence, constantly carry out your analysis on the educational institution ahead of time, since this will also ensure you are totally convinced whenever you sign up.

A few points that you have to consider when determining what exactly is a top-quality web based educational institution is the way in which they build your learning setting for you. Firstly, you ought to be able to access important information and understand the course structure.

A top-quality web based college will ensure that your chosen Career Pathway is easy to work with by offering you a  program that helps guide you through the various sections of study and on top of that, you must also be able to access ‘live classes’ or to download lectures which you have missed or forgotten.

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Your instructors should also be easy to contact and have access to the progress of your study, this must be organized in such a way to ensure that everything is maintained within your account profile. It would also be beneficial to have your own account e-mail so you can correspond with other lecturers and college students.

Thus, after you’ve researched and found a suitable distance education provider, you will recognize that your chance to learn can be very wonderful and practical experience. Some of the many Benefits of Online Education will enable you to simply study at your own pace, from the comfort of your own house and never have to attend a lecture.  It’s as  simple as downloading all your course material, lectures and any extra work that might be needed through the college’s website.

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