October 22, 2018

Online Accounting Degree

Is an Online Accounting Degree For You?

If you are business minded and possess a strong love for numbers, then you might be well suited for a career in accounting. If you’re interested in pursuing your career in this fast and growing profession, yet are unable to find the time or your other commitments are preventing you from attending college or university on a full time basis, then you might want to consider an online accounting degree that allows you to improve your career prospects while you still manage your other responsibilities.

The biggest advantage that you can gain from earning an online accounting degree is the flexibility to study wherever you may be located and on a time and schedule that suits you, saving you valuable time, effort and money involved in traveling to and from your college campus.

All that is required on your part is a reliable Internet connection. Another benefit with Distance Education is that you can squeeze in your online accounting degree along with other commitments, so you could keep your regular job, spend  time with family and friends and still have time to pursue other interests.

It is generally believed that Distance Education Programs offering accounting degrees are inexpensive. However, that is only partially correct, it is true that you can find low-cost, non-accredited accounting degree programs on the internet but if you require a fully recognized accredited accounting degree from one of the top college or universities, then you should expect to pay a similar amount to that of the cost of a traditional degree.

Of course, there are advantages to Financial Accounting Online, home study, less traveling, no accommodation fees, savings on text books and greater payment flexibility. You can also reduce the financial burden each semester or year by taking fewer courses or papers, although the same can be said for traditional universities as well. You will however be able to handle the financial burden more easily with an online learning course since money saved from the daily commute and being able to work full time will leave you financially better off.

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An online associate’s degree in accounting will require at least two years of dedicated and continuous study, the number of credits required and therefore the associated cost depends largely on the program you are following. This online accounting degree can provide you with a first step into your accounting career, but limits your career options to either an auditor or a bookkeeper. This program offers a fundamental understanding of basic Business and Accounting concepts, such as recording and understanding financial data, economics, business strategy and financial statements, so that you can use your basic accounting skills to improve the way they operate.

The more popular program is a bachelor’s degree which typically requires four years to complete. It may be the case however that students combining their studies with full-time employment may need a year or two more to complete their online bachelor’s degree in accounting. Students successful in achieving their online bachelor’s degree in accounting possess a much wider range of career possibilities,  including but not limited to careers in Government Accounting, Internal Auditing, Management Accounting and Public Accounting.

Those students who already possess a bachelor’s degree may consider studying for their master’s degree (MBA) to further improve their career and remuneration prospects, employment with an accounting MBA would cover work as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Forensic Accounting, Auditing and Cost Control, Business Consulting, Corporate Accounting or obtain even higher qualifications such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

If you are seriously considering an accounting degree, and there are many Benefits to Online Education, there is good news for you. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for accountants and auditors will shoot up by 22 percent over the next few years, which translates to an increase of more than 280,000 vacancies.

In fact, as the trend of entrepreneurship is promoted and businesses sprout up throughout the United States and beyond, there will be a corresponding increase in the requirement for accountants and auditors to maintain the books, prepare tax returns and offer financial advice and recommendations to senior management. Accountants will also be required to deal with the increasing complexity of global transactions as businesses expand their reach internationally. In addition, increased regulations and scrutiny of businesses requires more accountants and auditors with a higher level of qualifications than ever before.

Certified accountants, especially those who have completed their Certified Public Accountants (CPA) qualifications are expected to have the best job prospects, followed by those who have a master’s degree in the subject under their belt. There is also expected to be an increased demand for individuals who have skills in accounting software, written communication and interpersonal relations along with their online accounting degree.

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