October 16, 2018

Career Pathways

So, how do we choose a Career Pathway? Well, at school or college most of us find it difficult to think about choosing a career because we’re off chasing either boys, girls or both!  And then there’s the other distractions like sport, shopping, hanging out, bowling, movies and of course…Parties!! But don’t worry, if you fall into this category then help is at hand with Distant Education Programs.

Now, there will always be some of your fellow classmates that appear to have their careers and futures mapped out for them, and what you’ll find is these people will have been ‘conditioned’ from an early age to follow either the career pathways of their parents professions or have been pushed to pursue other ‘professional’ pursuits.

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The truth is many of us haven’t a clue what to do with our lives, some still need time to grow, others may need work experience or you may just need time to find your own way through this very complex journey called life. It’s true that life doesn’t always follow straight lines and throws up many obstacles, but it’s the decisions and commitments we make that truly define who we are or going to be.

There used to be a time when you finished school or college and were stuck with whatever qualifications you managed to achieve, and your career or future employment was based on those results. Now, with Distance Education you are able to ‘go back to school’ at any time in your life.

It doesn’t matter if you made a wrong choice at school or flunked your college exams, there is still a pathway open to fulfill your dreams. Distance Learning is a great way to change careers, boost your employment opportunities or attain the tools to become your own boss.

Don’t take a back seat and let opportunities pass you by, take a look into distance education and you’ll discover a multitude of possibilities to further enhance your career or employment prospects.

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